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  current / last name:

Duke of Cambridge

  previous names:  
  current landlord/landlady: CLOSED.
  address: 104 Peascod Street, Windsor
  information: This is now a jewellers shop on the corner of Peascod Street and King Edward Court.
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  e-mail address:  
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  history: My grandad, John (Jack) Webb used to drink in here, as well as the Victoria Arms in Grosvenor Place (MW)

This clip is from a film with Norman Wisdom shot in 1962 in the Windsor Town Centre area, this picture has the Duke of Cambridge public house in Peascod Street, shown from the side. The gap in Peascod Street where Norman Wisdom is coming from used to be known as 'The Cut' and is now the entrance to King Edward Court shopping centre as can be seen in the photo at the top of the page.





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