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    Photo when pub was Hungry Horse...
  current name:

Greene Oak

  previous names: Nags Head Hungry Horse <  Nags Head
  current landlord/landlady:  
  address: Oakley Green Road, Oakley Green, Windsor. SL4 5UW
  information: Autumn 2006 - Now a Greene King Inn, was a 'Hungry Horse'
  telephone: 01753  864294
  web address:
  e-mail address:
  photo gallery:    
  history: This pub was a Courage pub for years, in the 1980's it was run by Arthur Flaxton and his good lady wife.  Arthur then moved on to the Prince Albert in Clewer Hill Road.  Arthur has since retired.

The pub was a 'Hungry Horse' restaurant pub for a few years.  In 2006 it underwent major refurbishment and is now a very nice restaurant, more of a wine bar/restaurant feel than a pub, but very well appointed and inviting.  The menu is original and the food is superb.

Photo above was taken when the pub was still a Hungry Horse.

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