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List of Pubs.

name address  
A Adam & Eve 29 Thames Street, Windsor  
  Adelaide, the   >   Royal Adelaide  (now a hotel) 46 Kings Road, Windsor *
  Albert, the Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Albion 137 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Alma 61 Springfield Road, Windsor *
  Anglers Rest 25 River Street, Windsor  
B Bachelors Arms 23 Victoria Street, Windsor  
  Bakers Tavern   <   Bull, the (hotel) 32 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Bar 4  <   Dome, the  <  Knights Tavern  <  Grapes  >  Slug & Lettuce  >    
  Bar 51   <   Star, the 51 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Barley Mow Sheet Street, Windsor  
  Barley Mow The Green, Englefield Green *
top ^ Bel & Dragon  <   William IV   <   Southwestern 1 Datchet Road, Windsor  
  Belgian Arms   <   The Eagle Holyport Street, Holyport *
  Bell, the 2 Dedworth Road, Windsor *
  Bells of Ouzeley Straight Road, Old Windsor *
  Beresford Arms 64 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Bexley Arms 50 Bexley Street, j/w Vansittart Road, Windsor *
  Black Boy 65 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Black Eagle    
  Black Horse 290 Dedworth Road, Windsor *
  Black Horse Park Street, Windsor  
  Boaters  <   Henry VI   <   Three Tuns 37 High Street, Eton  
  Boatman, The  <  The Riverhouse  <  Donkey House  <  Kings Arms 10 Thames Side, Windsor  
  Braywood Inn Oakley Green, Windsor  
  Bricklayers Arms Hatch Lane, Windsor *
  Bridge House ??? Windsor Bridge, Windsor  
  Bridge House Paley Street *
top ^ Britannia 18 Helena Road, Windsor  
  British Grenadier ?5?  Victoria Street, Windsor  
  Broad Arrow    
  Browns  <   Fort & Firkin  <  Old Trout   <   Thames Hotel Barry Avenue, Riverside, Windsor  
  Brunswick Arms 10 Victoria Street, Windsor  
  Brunswick Arms Brook Street, Windsor  
  Bull, the   >   Bakers Tavern 32 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Bull, the Windsor Bridge by Windsor Bridge  
C Cambridge Arms Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Carpenters Arms 4 Market Street, Windsor *
  Castle (Hotel)  <  The Mermaid High Street, Windsor  
  Castle Tap High Street, Windsor High Street, Windsor, attached to Castle Hotel  
  Catherine Wheel     >   Jolly Gardener Money Row Green *
  Chicago William Street, Windsor *
  Cider House  <  Royal Foresters Drift Road *
  Clarence Inn 20 Alma Road, Windsor  
  Coach & Horses Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Coach & Horses 32 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Cock, the Thames Street, Windsor  
  Cockpit Inn Eton High Street  
  College Arms 55 High Street, Eton, Windsor  
top ^ Copper Horse 7,Ward Royal Parade, Alma Road, Windsor *
  Corner Bar   <   Round Tower 22 Sheet Street, Windsor *
  Crispin 56 Grove Road, Windsor *
  Crispin, the Windsor Road, Woodside, Winkfield *
  Christopher Eton High Street, Eton, Windsor  
  Cross Keys Tavern    
  Court Jester  <  Ship, the  >  Highlander 7 Church Lane, Windsor *
  Criterion   (Peascod Street) 72 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Criterion   (Clewer Hill Road) 52 Clewer Hill Road, Windsor  
  Crosses Corner   <   Hope, the 73 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Crown Inn   (Bray) High Street, Bray  
  Crown Inn   >  Crown Hotel 23 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Crown & Cushion 84 High Street, Eton, Windsor  
  Crown & Cushion Berkshire side of Datchet Bridge  
top ^ Court Jester  >  Ship  >  Highlander 7 Church Lane, Windsor  
D Dedworth Arms  > Maypole  >  Wolf  Clewer Hill Road, Windsor *
Dome, the  <  Knights Tavern  <  Grapes  >  Slug & Lettuce  >  Bar 4 Thames Street, Windsor
  Donkey House  > The Boatman < River House  <  Kings Arms 10 Thames Side, Windsor *
  Dukes Head  90 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Duke of Cambridge 104 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Duke of Connaught 165 Arthur Road, Windsor *
  Duke of Edinburgh Woodside Road, Winkfield *
  Duke of Edinburgh Mill Lane, Windsor *
  Duke of Kent Clewer New Town, Green Lane, Windsor  
top ^ Duke of Wellington 98 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Duke of York  198 St Leonards Rd, Windsor *
E Eagle, the   >   Belgian Arms Holyport *
  Elephant & Castle 183 Oxford Road, Windsor  
F Falcon 15 William Street, Windsor *
  Fawn 140 St Leonards Road, Windsor *
  Fifield    <   White Hart Fifield *
  Findlaters  <  Rat Trap   *
  First & Last > Windsor Castle 99 Kings Road, Windsor  
  Five Bells Inn 73 Sheet Street, Windsor  
  Fleur de Lys Hatchet Lane, Winkfield *
top ^ Foresters Arms 199 St Leonards Road, Spital, Windsor *
  Fort & Firkin   >  Browns  <   Old Trout   <   Thames Hotel Barry Avenue, Riverside, Windsor  
  Fox & Castle 21 Bufield Rd, Old Windsor *
  Fox & Hounds Bishopsgate Road, Old Windsor *
  Free House, the    <   Grapes, the 21 Oxford Road, Windsor  
G Garter Bar / Inn 11 High Street, Windsor  
  George Tavern    
  George Inn   >   Hogs Head 77 High Street, Eton  
  George, the     (Holyport) The Green, Holyport *
  George IV Church Lane, Windsor  
  Globe, the,   60 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Goat, the    
  Golden Lion    <   The Lion 145 St Leonards Road, Windsor  
  Grapes   >  Knights Tavern   >   Dome   >   Slug & Lettuce  >   Bar 4 3-5 Thames Street, Windsor  
top ^ Grapes, the    <   The Free House 21 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Grapes, the   >  The Pickwick Eton Wick, Windsor  
  Greene Oak  <  Nags Head (Hungry Horse)  <  Nags Head Oakley green Road, Oakley green, Windsor.  
  Greyhound 16 Common Rd, Eton Wick  
H Hand and Glove 13 Russell Street, Windsor  
  Hare & Hounds Fifield *
  Hartshorn, the    
  Hatchet, Ye Old Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, Windsor  
  Henry VI < Three Tuns  < The Boaters 37 High St, Eton  
  Hernes Oak  Oak Lane, Windsor *
  Hernes Oak North St, Winkfield *
  Herts Arms   16 St Leonards Rd, Windsor *
  Highlander   <  Court Jester   <  Ship, the 7  Church Lane, Windsor *
  Hogs Head   <  The George 77 High Street, Eton  
  Hope, the   >  The Crosses Corner 73 Peascod Street, Windsor *
top ^ Hope Inn, the        (Frogmore Road) Frogmore Road (now closed to the public)  
  Horns, the       (Frogmore Road) Frogmore Road (now closed to the public)  
  Horse & Groom 4 Castle Hill, Windsor *
  Hungry Horse (Nags Head)  >  Nags Head  >  Greene Oak Oakley green Road, Oakley green, Windsor.  
  Ivy House Sheet Street, Windsor  
  Jolly Gardeners    (Old Windsor) 92-94, St Lukes Road, Old Windsor *
I  J Jolly Gardener    <    Catherine Wheel Money Row Green, Holyport *
  Jolly Gardeners 14 St Leonards Road, Windsor *
  Jolly Guardsman   147 St Leonards Road, Windsor  
  King & Castle  <  Lloyds No 1 Bar   <  Beefeater  <  Berni Inn 15-16 Thames Street, Windsor  
K Kings Arms  >  Donkey House  >  River House > The Boatman 10 Thameside, Windsor *
  Kitcheners Arms      
  Knights Tavern   >  Dome  >   Slug & Lettuce   <   Grapes, the 3-4 Thames Street, Windsor  
  Leather Bottle Beer shop Clewer Fields, off Alma Road, Windsor  
L Leeds Arms, the Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Lion, the   >   The Golden Lion 145 St Leonards Road, Windsor  
  Lloyds No.1  >   King & Castle  <   Beefeater  >   Berni Inn 15-16 Thames St, Windsor  
top ^ London, the    <   The Luncheon Bar 10 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Long Bar, the Thames Street, Windsor  
  Lord Kitchener   <   Prince of Prussia    
  Lord Nelson Datchet Road, Old Windsor *
  Lord Raglan  132 St Leonards Rd, Windsor *
  Luncheon Bar, the   >  The London 10 Peascod Street, Windsor  
M Maidenhead, the    >   The Swan 24/28 High Street, Windsor  
  Man of Kent Clewer New Town, Green Lane, Windsor  
  Maypole   <   Dedworth Arms   <   The Wolf   Clewer Hill Road, Windsor *
  Mermaid, the   >   Castle Hotel   now stands in it's place 18 High Street, Windsor  
  Merry Wives of Windsor 65 St Leonards Rd, Windsor *
top ^ Mitre, the Oxford Rd j/w Vansittart Road,  Windsor *
  Monkey House ?  
  Morning Star The Green, Datchet  
N Nags Head  > Greene Oak Dedworth Road, Oakley Green, Windsor *
  Napoleon III   >   Shoulder of Mutton Clewer Fields, off Alma Road, Windsor  
  New College Inn 55 High St, Eton  
  New Inn 18 Park Street, Windsor  
  Noahs Ark   1 Arthur Road, Windsor  
O Odd Fellows Arms 17 Love Lane, off Helena Road, Windsor  
  Old Exchange Datchet Road, Windsor  
  Old Hatchet, Ye Hatchet Lane, Winkfield *
  Old Monk  >   Windlesora   <   Weatherspoons William Street, Windsor *
  Olde Red Lion, Ye Oakley Green Road, Oakley Green, Windsor *
top ^ Old Sun Sun Lane, Victoria Street, Windsor  
  Old Times Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Old Trout  >  Fort & Firkin  >  Browns  <  Thames Hotel Barry Avenue, Riverside, Windsor  
  Omar Pasha Sheet Street, Windsor  
  Oxford Blue 10 Crimp Hill, Old Windsor *
  Palmers Arms The Village Road, Dorney, Windsor  
P Perseverance   161 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Pickwick  <  Grapes, the Eton Wick  
  Pineapple Lake End Road, Dorney, Windsor  
  Prince Albert   2 Clewer Hill Road, Windsor *
  Prince Albert   Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Prince Arthur 29 Grove Rd, Windsor *
top ^ Prince Christian 11 Kings Road, Windsor  
  Prince of Prussia   <   Lord Kitchener    
  Prince of Wales    (Oxford Road) 23 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  Prince of Wales     (Church Lane) Church Lane, Windsor  
Q Queen, the 282 Dedworth Rd, Windsor *
  Queens Arms  42 Victoria Street, Windsor  
  Queens Head 127  St Leonards Road, Spital  *
  Queens Head  >  Slug & Lettuce  >  Winkfield, The 11 Lovel Road, Winkfield, Windsor *
  Queens Head Maidenhead Road, Water Oakley, Windsor *
R Railway Arms  Goswell Road/ Goswell Lane, Windsor  
  Rat Trap   >   Finflaters  Station Approach, Windsor *
  RED Bar    
top ^ Red Lion 27 Thames Street, Windsor  
  Red Lion, Ye Olde Oakley Green, Windsor *
  Reeves Beer Shop Russell Street  
  River House   > The Boatman <   Donkey House  <   Kings Arms 10 Thameside, Windsor *
  Rose & Crown   <   Wheelers Beer Shop George Street, (now Station Approach) Windsor  
  Rose & Crown      (Castle Hill) Butchers Row, Castle Hill, Windsor  
  Rose & Crown      (Woodside) Woodside Road, Winkfield, Windsor *
  Round Tower  >  Corner Bar 22 Sheet Street, Windsor  *
  Royal Adelaide  <   Adelaide, the  (now a hotel) 46 Kings Road, Windsor *
  Royal Albert 12 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Royal Foresters   >  Cider House Drift Road *
  Royal Oak   <   Royal Oak & Railway Hotel 9 Datchet Rd, Windsor *
  Royal Oak     (Paley Street) Paley Street *
  Royal Standard 6 St Leonards Road, Windsor  
top ^ Royal Standard   (High Street) Market Cross House, High Street, Windsor *
  Royal Standard   (Windsor Castle) Next to the Winchester Tower, Windsor Castle  
  Scotch Bar, the 1 Goswell Hill, Windsor  
S Sebastopol Clewer Hill Road, Windsor *
  Shepherds Hut 17 Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick  
  Ship, the  >  Court Jester  >  Highlander 7 Church Lane, Windsor *
  Shoulder of Mutton    <   Napoleon III Clewer Fields, Windsor  
  Slug & Lettuce   <  Dome  <  Knights Tavern  <   Grapes, the   >  Bar 4 3-4 Thames Street, Windsor  
  Slug & Lettuce   >  Winkfield, the   <  Queens Head 11 Lovel Road, Winkfield, Windsor *
  Southwestern   >  William IV   >  Bel & Dragon 1 Datchet Road, Windsor  
  Spread Eagle, the George Street, (now Station Approach) Windsor  
  Squirrel, the    >  Squirrels Bar North St, Winkfield  *
  Squirrels Bar   <   Squirrel, the North St, Winkfield  *
top ^ St George, the 36 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Stag & Hounds 302 St Leonards Rd, Windsor *
  Standard, the 51 High Street, Windsor  
  Standard Public House Market Place, Windsor  
  Star   >  Bar 51 51 Peascod Street, Windsor *
  Star & Garter Inn (pub/hotel) 133 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Star & Garter Tap Goswell Hill, Windsor  
  Sun, the 27 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Sun, the Saville Garden Road, Old Windsor/Englefield Green *
  Sun & Stars Fifield *
  Surley Hall    
  Swan, the     (Mill Lane) 9 Mill Lane, Windsor *
  Swan, the    <   The Maidenhead 24/28 High Street, Windsor  
  Swan, the       (Thames Street) 49 Thames St, Windsor  
  Talbot, the    
T Tap, the   <   Royal Brewery Windsor Central Railway Station  
  Thames Hotel   >  Old Trout   >  Fort & Firkin  >   Browns Barry Avenue, Riverside, Windsor  
  The Boatman, <  The Riverhouse  <  Donkey House  <  Kings Arms 10 Thames Side, Windsor  
  Theatre Tavern 33 Old Thames Street, Windsor  
top ^ Three Elms Clarence Rd/ Hatch Lane, Windsor *
  Three Horseshoes 44 Eton Wick Rd, Eton Wick  
  Three Tuns    (Market Street) 8 Market St, Windsor *
  Three Tuns  >  Henry VI  >  Boaters 37 High Street, Eton  
  Three Tuns     (Queens Road) Queens Road, Windsor  
  Trooper 97 St Leonards Road, Windsor  
  Turks Head Alexandra Road, Windsor  
  Turks Head 98 High Street, Eton  
  Two Brewers 34 Park St, Windsor *
U Union Inn 17 Crimp Hill, Old Windsor *
  Union Tavern 52, High Street, Windsor  
V Vansittart Arms   <   The World Turned Up Side Down 105 Vansittart Rd, Windsor *
  Victoria Arms 81 Victoria Cottages, Grosvenor Place, Windsor  
  Victoria Goswell Lane  
W Waterman's Arms Brocas St, Eton  
  Weatherspoons   >   Windlesora   <   The Old Monk 11 William Street, Windsor *
  Wellington, Duke of  98 Peascod Street, Windsor  
  Wheatsheaf 14 Straight Road, Old Windsor *
  Wheelers Beer Shop   <   Rose & Crown George Street (now Station Approach) Windsor  
  White Hart Tavern High Street, Windsor  
  White Hart   (Winkfield) Church Road, Winkfield, Windsor  
  White Hart   (Money Row Green) Money Row Green *
  White Hart    >   Fifield Inn Fifield *
top ^ White Horse 24/28 High Street, Windsor  
  White Lion    
  Why Not 55 Oxford Road, Windsor  
  William IV    >   Bel & Dragon   <   Southwestern 1 Datchet Road, Windsor  
  Willow tree, the Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick  
  Windlesora   <   Old Monk William Street, Windsor *
  Windsor Castle < The First & Last 98 Kings Rd, Windsor *
  Windsor Lad Maidenhead Road, Windsor *
  Winkfield, the   <   Slug & Lettuce   <   Queens Head 11 Lovel Road, Winkfield, Windsor *
  Winnegans   <   ???????? Paley Street *
  Wolf    >    Dedworth Arms   >   Maypole  Clewer Hill Road, Windsor *
top ^ World Turned Up Side Down   >   Vansittart Arms 105 Vansittart Road, Windsor *
  unknown pub name 37 or 38 King Stable Street, Eton