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  current name:

Stag & Hounds

  previous names:  
  current landlord/landlady: Now closed 2010, due to be a Nursery School
  address: 302 St Leonards Road, Windsor
  telephone: 01753
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  history: In 1842 the incumbent licensee, a Mr Carpenter transferred the licence to a Mr Knowles, who was the licensee of The Standard Public House, Market Street.  As soon as it was granted, Mr Knowles asked the Magistrate for the licence to be transferred again, this time to a Mr Angel who had been a butler to a local landowner in the area.  The application was granted. 

Nick & Ann ran the pub for some years in the 1980's and 1990's, always had a great traditional 'pub' atmosphere and always great food.

Pub closed in spring/summer 2010, yet another one of Windsor's best looking pubs now gone!

A sad sight, July 2010, possibly to be a children's' nursery





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