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Star & Garter Tap

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  current landlord/landlady: CLOSED
  address: Top of Goswell Hill
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  history: c 1837 run by a Mr Pock
    Information from John Brooks (now retired to Weston-Super-Mare), formerly known as Sandy Brooks, who worked at Priors Wood Yard for many years. -  The Star & Garter Tap pub was a COURAGE house which was at the top of Goswell Hill, just behind what was the Goods Yard Office.  The office was more recently a Newspaper office for the Evening Standard.  The pub was opposite the door to the old Priors Woods Yard.  The alley at the top of Goswell Hill which led through to Peascod Street (and still does) became known as 'Death Tap Alley' as at some stage, when the railway goods yard was in full operation, apparently a horse bolted and trapped a man against a wall in the alley, killing him.

The pub was also very popular on race days at Windsor racecourse.  Punters would arrive at Windsor Central Railway station, just up the steps from the pub, and walk down Goswell Hill and along Arthur Road and Maidenhead Road to the Racecourse.  The pub was of course  the first pub after getting off the train.

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