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  current name:

Two Brewers

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  current landlord/landlady:  
  address: Park Street, Windsor
  information: A traditional pub, at the end of Park Street, on the left, right next to a brilliant view of Windsor Castle and the Long Walk
  telephone: 01753 855426
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    In 1836 this pub was being run by a Mr Percy

Some Selected Reports from The Windsor and Eton Express

5th Nov 1836
Two Brewers

Windsor Police

Passing Counterfeit Coin - On Monday a woman, of the name of Seagrove, was brought before the Magistrates, charged with uttering a counterfeit half sovereign at the house of Mr.Pursey, landlord of the Two-Brewers, in Park-street, during the fair time. After hearing the evidence, she was remanded until Thursday, in order to allow time to communicate with the Solicitor of the Mint, and to have his opinion as to her being prosecuted. She was, however, told she might be admitted bail, and on Tuesday two respectable persons entered into the necessary sureties for her appearance on Thursday. On the latter day an answer was received from the Solicitor of the Mint, stating that it was his intention to prosecute, as the prisoner had been in custody before on a charge of a similar nature. The prisoner had, however, in the meantime absconded, and on Thursday she was non est inventus, to the great mortification of the sureties, who instantly set on foot the most rigid enquires after the fugitive.

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