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    This is the site of the old pub, just before demolishion.
  current / last name:

The Maypole

  previous names: Dedworth Arms  <  The Wolf
  current landlord/landlady: CLOSED - now demolished 2004.
  address: Clewer Hill Road, Windsor, j/w Dedworth Rd and Wolf Lane
  web address:  
  e-mail address:  
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The first picture above was taken just before the pub was demolished

The second picture above is courtesy of Margaret Kildare.  It is thought the picture is dated in the 1930's.  The known names are: Back row 4th in from the right, Bill Slaughter (Margaret's uncle), 6th in from the right, James Slaughter (Margaret's Grandfather who died in 1944 aged 88yrs) and 7th in from the right, Jim Slaughter (another uncle)

The third picture is the site as boarded up in February 2005


  history: Thanks to information from Roger E Brickwood, I can tell you that the landlord of The Wolf for the latter part of the 19th century was his grandfather, William Brickwood.  Roger's father, Ernest was born at the pub in1903, it was a large family with six children.






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